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  • Your premier instant turf providers.

    Your premier instant turf providers.

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maintenanceRemember when caring for your new lawn that winter is a dormant period. There may be a loss in colour due to the colder temperature but will thrive once more when the warmer weather returns.


Once the roots are firmly set, it is suggested to water less frequently and for longer periods. Check the soil regularly to see if it needs water as some weeks watering will not be required

In summer, water your lawn twice per week

In the cooler months, water your lawn once a week. Or as required


It is recommended to fertilise after 6 weeks of laying your turf then in April, May, September and November

Do not fertilise your lawn in hot temperatures.


The best way to deal with weeds in your lawn is to remove them by hand. You can use a spray but extreme care must be taken on new developing growth. (Please follow the manufacturer’s instructions when handling and weed killer)


The best time to mow your new lawn is when the roots are firm in the ground which is generally 3 weeks after installation.


  • Never remove more than 1/3 of the grass length
  • Always mow when the lawn is dry
  • Make sure your mowing blades are sharp